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I put up on the internet that I wanted to get that last chapter written before the election. The election came and went, and that last chapter is not done and posted yet.

Well, the good news (for you, my readers) is that it’s a lot closer to done. The good news for me is the stuff that interfered with the writing was very good for me personally. So, I am a little disappointed by my writing progress, but undaunted.

The title of that last chapter has changed from ‘Tweeks’ to “The crowded seat and other stories’. The page is under construction, but you can read it in its rough versions, at various levels of completion, till the sign comes down.


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Every two years, it seems, I put out a post about my progress on writing this website. Here we are again.

In the last two years I have managed to sort out my problems with the Dance of the Partisans, by writing the chapters Channeling and Rebellion’s Children, which was material pulled from the original Dance and re-arranged and added to so it would stand on its own and give a better foundation for the Dancers. Now Dance becomes the smallest chapter but I am reasonably content with the lay of the arguments now. It really needed to be pulled apart.

I am working on Tweeks, and it is going fairly well because a lot of it was done a long time ago and now I am “just” adding in the explanatory stuff that has been rattling around in my head for years. Here’s the deal. I intend to have Tweeks, which is the last chapter, finished before the federal election Oct 19, so readers can examine the results in light of some of the issues raised in this website. I have some very significant personal commitments coming up before then, so this will be a challenge. Wish me luck!

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Tonight I revisited and fixed up a few parts of “Democracy and Its Adjectives”. A few points needed to be better flushed out and touched upon. I am working my way through “Dance of the Partisans” but it is slow going, partly because of real world commitments, and partly because this chapter has some conclusions I don’t feel I have really justified. I am reviewing my whole approach on this  chapter.

Wow! I started this in the beginning of 2009. So much has happened since then. And I have three webpages written. Ah well…