The deed is done, more or less. The last chapter is complete, and I will poke away on some of the supplementary details as hobby time allows. I may also tinker a little with the main chapters, but not much. I am more or less content with the result. That being said, I was rereading the story of the Reformers this evening and found I had misspelled Sydenham’s name in all but one instance. Then when I checked some references to be sure, I found I had snuck in an extra colonial election that never happened!  That’s been hanging out there since summer of 2015, argh! OK, cleaned that up. Should be good to go.

So, phase 2: I have been sending e-mails out to people I think might be interested in this. I will keep doing this for a while and watch the counter. They may come and read the site, and they may recommended the site to their friends. And, they may  point out other errors, which I will need to address. And besides errors, they may challenge the ideas that underpin the site’s themes. All good! I want to get people thinking about these things.

“A constructive argument is a rigorous testing of a model of the real world, a model that is made of words.  If during testing, the model is revealed to not predict relevant real world events, then the model should be revised or discarded.  If the model is tested and not found wanting, then it has persuaded its testers.  It doesn’t mean the model of reality will predict real events, because the tester may not have asked the right questions.  So, the more thorough and thoughtful the testers’ questions, the more likely the model reflects reality, and becomes useful to the community.”

That’s what’s supposed to happen.

(Great prose, eh?)




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